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Fragments of A Rainy Season's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Fragments of A Rainy Season

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I joined this community a long time ago, but have never posted. [09 Apr 2005|08:47pm]

I remember when I was 8, Id put on Alice Cooper's song "Poison" and id paint my face and dance with my cousin Lauren and friend Tyler. and we'd go into my 2 story shed in my backyard and spy on my old lady neighbor...we thought she was a vampire, so we'd ride our bikes to the library and read all the information about vampires that we could and got bags of paprika and garlic and threw them into her yard, and we'd go to the upstairs part of the shed and take notes on how she reacted. (obviously, it was always bad.) but we saw that as a sign that she was a vampire and we'd sneak into her backyard at night and steal things for evidence...But one night, we snuck back there with our faces all painted and she was sitting back there waiting for us and it was like 11:30pm. and she came running at us screaming and I that was the first time i seriously thought that I was going to die. like seriously, she was going to suck all my blood out and my parents would find me laying in a ditch a month later looking like a dried up fish. obviously we got away and we never spied on her again.

now that im 20...I see her walking through her house at all times of the night...and I wonder...


[09 Apr 2005|10:21pm]

This was my favorite song when I was little. I remember riding to school in Dad's work van and hearing this song. I had the song in my head for the rest of the day, and I don't think I'd heard it since, until I downloaded it a while ago.

Zager and Evans - In the Year 2525

[04 Apr 2005|04:09pm]

This is rather silly, but when I was younger, I used to think that the skin on your elbow, the loose, wrinkly stuff was called "mustard!" And my sister and I would run around outside singing about 'our mustard.' Hehe, so everytime someone asks for the mustard, I can't help but giggle!

dentists scare me [27 Mar 2005|09:18pm]

This isn't a particularly happy memory, but a lot of my childhood memories are from the dentist's office.

When I was 8 or so, the dentist found an extra adult tooth in my gums. I had all the normal adult teeth, which had either come in or were semi-posed to come in, and one extra tooth. This tooth was preventing another tooth from taking its place in the front of my mouth.
My parents took me to Dr. Beam's office, which was just up the street from where we lived. We had to go the long way because the street was a one-way. He worked in the Sunflower Building. The name didn't make sense to me, even though there was a big stained glass sunflower above the entrance.
We went up to the third floor in the elevator and I was scared, but I didn't say anything because I never say anything. Mom and Dad waited in the lobby while I went back to Dr. Beam's chair. The aide (I remember nothing about the aide, other than she was a she and she was there) put the napkin on my chest and laced the chain around my neck so she could clip it in place. I stared at the light.
Dr. Beam came in, ready for this surgery. He posed the giant needle in front of my mouth. I clamped my lips shut. That needle looked six inches long and I knew it was going to hurt. I'd had shots in my gums before. The shots in the front of the mouth hurt the most.
He relaxed his arm and said something to me. He tried to coax me to open my mouth for the shot. I kept my lips locked together and I started crying. Dr. Beam put the needle down and shook his head.
I walked out of the office with my parents. I had stopped crying, but I didn't look at either one. I felt I had disappointed them somehow.
"I didn't do it," I told them. Mom squeezed my hand.

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promotion. [10 Mar 2005|02:27am]

like emo music?Collapse )

whoah lack of postage [10 Mar 2005|12:58am]

I use to be madly attatched to my great grandfather when i was younger.
He was my all. Every time i went to visit the family, he was the only
one that still acknowledged that i was around.
i remember we used to do this USA puzzle together over and over AND OVER!
anyways back to the point.
after he died i didnt quite understand it, but i knew the concept of death
and that he wasnt coming back.
well about 30 minutes into the visitation a man approached me.
this man... was my great grandfathers brother.
well he had a good 4 brothers or so and they all almost look identical.
anyways, This man was my Uncle Melvin, whom i didnt know at the time.
he approached me and began to hug me, speaking of how he hadnt seen me
since i was but a baby.
I had NEVER met this man in my life according to my memory.
So here i am in tears... hugging what i think is a dead man...
why do we face such complicated matters in kindergarten.


Grandma Anna [26 Feb 2005|10:50pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Grandma Anna was my father's mom. She lived in Los Angeles, 300 plus miles away from where my family lived. One of the great things about where Grandma Anna lived was that we'd get to go to DisneyLand whenever we drove to see her. My dad was not much into family activities, so often it was my mom and us three kids, and sometimes Grandma Babe, my mom's mom, would go with us. Sometimes Dad went too, but we always had more fun when he didn't come because my dad was,oh he had his moods and he could get pissy.

Anyway Grandma Anna loved it when we came to visit. My dad's father left Grandma when Daddy, the youngest of her two boys, was a baby. Even though she remarried again, she worked all her life in a machine shop in some capacity; I'll have to ask Mom what she did for a living because in writing this out, I realize I never knew her job title.

Grandma was a fascinating woman. Gosh did she ever snore! I mean s n o r e snore! WE used to have to wear earplugs. LOL! But she would always put on a huge meal for us whenever we came, and it was always fish, which she loved! She, born in Kansas originally, pronounced it feesh. "Now you kids," she's say to us, (all except me, for I love "feesh"), "I made this big meal for you and I like to see you et!" Yes, it was et instead of eat. OH she'd get so mad at my brother and sister, who don't have any sense when it comes to good food! "Now Shazza, now she ets, why can't you et my feesh like Shazza."

And oh how she would tell me stories about when I was a baby, for even though she was in Los Angeles then and we were 300 miles away, she came down to visit often, with my "grandfather", Dad's stepfather, who died before I got a chance to know him and which still grieves me terribly. It was she who told me about how my parents had to take me to UCSF for tests to determine conclusively that I couldn't see, and how that made my dad cry like a baby. (I am and always will be a Daddy's girl, even though he can be a poophead, and I am, in all ways, daughter#1.) It was she who told me about some of the people who helped my mom early on, and she'd tell us stories about Daddy and Uncle Ted as kids. And she'd tell us stories of her Momma and Daddy and the trips they used to take back in the 1920s.

My brother and sister, who always look at the cover instead of looking inside the book, saw Grandma Anna as fat and old and not very fun, compared to our other grandparents, who were more active and could take them places and were more fun to hang with. Yeah Grandma Anna could be a true battle axe, a pain in the neck, but she was also sweet and loved us all very much.

Grandma died in the mid 80s due to diabetic complications. She never met my husband or saw my children But I know that she and my "grandfather" are together in heaven, looking down at me and smiling. "Grandpa", for I consider my grandmother's second husband as my grandfather, not my dad's father, told Grandma Anna that just because I couldn't see didn't mean I wasn't deserving of love and that she and he would love me just as much as any other kid that my parents might have. She was a truly wonderful woman and a fantastic Grandma.



The joys of childhood [25 Feb 2005|11:42pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

I know this probably sounds like a silly memory, but earlier today, I was looking through an old jewelry box and I actually found something I had won the day my sister was born. The day my sister was born my brother and I had taken bets on what she would be. My brother was determined that she would be a boy, and I was sure she would be a girl. So, we ended up betting a nickel which sounds really silly, but when you are almost 10 which I was and my brother was 3, money isn't something one really has a lot of. I can't believe I actually still had kept the nickel. It's really hard to believe that on Tuesday March first, the event I just described will have happened 19 years ago. Guess I'm getting old!


[19 Feb 2005|10:48pm]

Not so much my memory, but I was there...

When I was a baby, my 5 year-old brother took me out in the pram to show off to his friends. Some hours later, my mum noticed him back home and playing with a football.
Not recognising it as one of his, she asked where he got it from....then asked, "Where's your sister?"

Yeah, he'd swapped me for a bloody football...

[07 Feb 2005|11:37pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Hi everyone. I joined this community a while back, but haven't posted anything. Just thought I would share a memory. For this to make sense, I should probably tell everyone that I'm totally blind, and the only reason I'm telling you this is because most people don't read Braille or have it in their house. What sparked this particular memory was because tonight I was reading a story to one of the children I was babysitting for, and she wanted me to read her one of her favorite books which was a book that was actually made when I was in first grade my Braille teacher. She would would put my favorite children's book at the time in Braille and give them to me as presents for different holidays and stuff. She did this from whehn I began first grade until I left her at the end of my fifth grade year in school. She would even make tactile versions of the pictures in the book. It was kind of fun to be able to read those books again tonight because when the particular children I was babysitting for used to live here a while back, they always wanted me to read one of the home made books. So, it was fun to go down that trip on memory lane because I haven't touch those books since the children and their father moved out. Some days I really wish I could go back to being six again and working with that particular Braille teacher because I really miss her and life was not so complicated back then.


crying [31 Jan 2005|03:07pm]

when i was younger there were many things that scared me..
perhaps you've heard a song by fleetwood mac...
the chorus says "Grandpa.... tell me 'bout the good ol' days.."
when i was younger... my granparents played fleetwood mac like
every 5 seconds... and everytime i heard that song.. i would
start bawling.. i'll never know why.
even when i hear it now it makes me want to cry..
humph. :,(

I just found this community [13 Jan 2005|08:57am]
[ mood | working ]

So thought I would join to see what it was all about. I found some of the things while reading while I was doing a search kind of interesting. I am trying to find new communities because some of my ones I was in were sort of boring, and I just figured since I'm making several other changes in my life, my Live Journal should go through some of those changes with me. Anyway, while my mother was and still is quite annoying, I do love to share childhood memories and love to hear about other people's and things like that. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this community, and I will share when I get some time.


Stunt Kids!!! [13 Jan 2005|08:46pm]

[ mood | hot ]

We had a bay window in the living room and me and my brothers would climb out of our parents' bedroom window above it, and onto the sticky-out bit before lauching ourselves 10-15(?) feet to the ground.

At the local park was a foresty bit with a small creek/drain. The other half of the creek was blocked off by a spiky fence which curved down to the water and a sign saying "Keep Out!"...so of course all the local kids would climb onto the fence and swing ourselves around the spiky bit and play on the other side.

Ahhhh, the stupid things we'd do as kids :D


<3 [11 Jan 2005|11:09pm]

i remember when i was younger i insisted on keeping an E.T.
poster hanging on my wall. but when nighttime came around
i made my mother take it off the wall because it scared me.
but every morning... that poster was going back up on my wall.

[07 Jan 2005|12:48am]

im still very young. a teenager...
but i dwell on childhood memories
much too often....

i remember losing barbie clothes...
my best friend stealing all of my most
prized bouncy balls from me...
sitting in my room alone. mother was too busy
and father didnt care at all...
i remember my great grandfathers deep voice
and how i cried everytime he spoke to me...

... i miss the times when these were my biggest problems
in life, its so strange while growing up realizing that
even the most miniscule problems were once the
tragedy of your life.

Mis-firing Neurons In My Brain.... [07 Jan 2005|04:27am]

As a latch-key child of 7, I'd get home about 15 minutes before my older brothers and have time to myself.

I have a vivid memory of standing in the back garden and hearing my mum's voice, who I knew was at work. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but then gradually realised that it was just a loop of a few words, over and over.

Another time, I was on a school excursion to Brighton (UK). I had the most brilliant sense of deja vu for most of the time there.

[06 Jan 2005|02:03am]

john cale remnids me of being little. his voice, mostly. i've been hearing him regularly from day one. i used to pretend i hated him, but i decided to admit to the loving the glory that is he.

this is where the title for this community came from-

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